Social responsibility

In today's world corporations and their employees, investors and clients give much more importance to society through the promotion of philanthropy and social responsibility. Marián Hossa is not only exceptional Slovak ice hockey player, but also great personality who knows on whose team he should be also in this area. Marian has been supporting similar foundations overseas for many years. So, it was obvious for him to connect the start of his businesses in Slovakia with interest and support for the communities where he grew up.

Therefore, it is absolutely natural that our company HOSS CORP is the main supporter of non-for-profit organization of Marian and his brother Marcel - HOSS Heroes.

HOSS Heroes

HOSS Heroes together with its major supporters sportsmen themselves and Marian's companies HOSS CORP and HO&PE set their goals to facilitate humanitarian and charity activities as well as to improve conditions and community relations in the area of youth sport in regions and other activities. 

For more information please click this link: HOSS Heroes