HOSS CORP is a patient investor seeking unique locations for its projects. Promenade, fun & living downtown style is its very first development. 

Marian Hossa, one of the best Slovak ice hockey players, decided to invest through his corporation into improving the quality of live in the city of Trencin. He would like to contribute by this project to overall development and attraction of the city, where he grew up and give more opportunities to young athletes to grow their talent. This complex facility should become a very pleasant place at adequate level of quality for organisation of various events and active recreation of families and individuals. 

HOSS Sport Center

This investment with value over one million euros is represented by thorough reconstruction of clay tennis courts into modern multi turf sport facilities with club house and 81 sportbar & restaurant. HOSS Sport Center offers investment into your health and family in friendly environment. Healthy life style does contribute to good family life and better companies! Come in and enjoy our facilities today! We look forward to see you soon at HOSS Sport Center. For more information go to: or our facebook page 


HOSS Sport Center (sport facilities) and Promenade/Greenbay (real estate development create one unique address in the whole Povazie region for fun & living downtown style in the central city of Trencin region. This strategic location in between the two bridges connecting the Vah riverbanks, in close vicinity of the regional cultural and administration center and also main hospital, this project has all predispositions for its success! The goal is to increase the quality of live in our city and revive the old name Pearl of the Povazie region. More info here.  

Golf & Beach

Natural extension of Promenade and HOSS Sport Center is the flooding area along the river Vah on the other side of the levy from our facilities. By acquiring of these properties we plan to improve and give more opportunities to inhabitants of the city as well as visitors for recreation and sport. This green oasis consists of 9-hole golf academy and beach area with places for picnic, improvement of fishing areas, kids playground, beach volley and football, petanque, outdoor fitness trail, benches, waste bins and wheelchair access for handicapped.