Marián HOSSA

Marian Hossa was born on January 12, 1979 and was no different from other kids. He liked to play, especially street hockey in his neighborhood. He was dreaming his own children dreams and one day they came true! Thanks to his parents, talent and his hard work, he has become one of the best Slovak ice hockey players and super star of the best hockey league in the world - NHL. At present, this three time Stanley Cup Champion is still eager to improve and his ambition is to be at the top of his game as long as possible thanks to learning from his even more experienced team mates through out his career and take the young guns of upcoming stars as challenge not threat. In this spirit he continued in his career with Chicago Blackhawks. Unfortunately, Marian was suffering from a progressive skin disorder and decided he would no longer play professional hockey in May 2018 and intends to retire after his contract expires in 2021. Hossa's contract was traded to the Arizona Coyotes in July 2018 as part of a seven-player deal. More up-to-date info on Marian's facebook:


HOSS CORP was founded to shelter his business and investment activities in Slovakia and Europe.

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