Our goal is to respect and create values, which reflects and highlights Marian's hockey life and career and incorporate these into his businesses. Everything he achieved was thanks to his hard work at practice and attitude. His corporation has the same philosophy and therefore we want to let the projects done to speak for ourselves. We want to create things that we also take pride in hindsight.

Team/Company Management

  • Chairman of the Board and CEO

    • Miroslav Kubis MBA, friend, CEO of HOSS CORP, a.s. and financial advisor
  • Supervisory Board

    • Marián Hossa, exceptional Slovak ice hockey player and great person on and off the ice, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
    • Ing. Janka Hossová, spouse of Marian and member of the management of HOSS CORP, a.s.,
    • Peter Neveriš, friend, member of the management of HOSS CORP, a.s. and Marian's sport agent
  • Event Manager

    • Nikola Paľová
  • Accounting

    • Dominika Adamčiová
  • Sport Manager

    • Mgr. Ľudovít Kuhlöffel